Welcome Blankets at Home!

We had a wonderful run with our second host MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta)! Thank you to each and every person who contributed their time and creativity to the project. We are working with MODA to figure out how to share all the images and information they gathered from Welcome Blanket at the “Making Change” exhibition.

Welcome Blanket is continuing! We are lining up new host institutions and working on ways to expand. So, keep making your gorgeous gifts for our new neighbors. We are also looking for additional partners so we can build on Welcome Blanket and grow it into an American tradition. So if you are considering making a Welcome Blanket, do!

Welcome Blankets from the Smart are being distributed to partners across the country. Here’s a pic from a new neighbor’s home in Southern California. As we receive images, I’ll continue to share.

IMG_4765 (1).jpeg