Repairing the world


(Originally posted on Instagram 10/27/18)

The terrorist attack at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh is devastating and terrifying. And we are all connected to it. 

Just the other day I posted almost giddy about our wonderful Pittsburgh partners @helloneighborhq and last week about @hiasrefugees as a partner for #refugeeshabbat. These are amazing organizations doing the good work, fighting the good fight. One horrible terrorist was obsessed with the work of HIAS and refugees. Too many people lost their lives because of his hate and fear. We at #welcomeblanket are a community of people of many faiths and non-faiths coming together to support our newest neighbors. We stand with the Jewish community, we stand with the people of Pittsburgh (at least one welcome blanket participant lives walking distance to the synagogue), we stand with @hias and @helloneighborhq and with all our refugee neighbors. 

Welcome Blanket is about reimagining the distance of the proposed border wall as a length of inclusion- 2000 miles of yarn to make individual welcome blankets for new refugees coming to the US. It gives us all a chance to physically create for our newest neighbors and share our stories about immigration, migration, and relocation. It makes space to connect and welcome. Creating and participating in this project has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I have gotten to know a community of stellar individuals who are working together to take a stand with kindness and to repair the world. 

A dear Christian friend asked me what she could do to support the Jewish community. I say please stand up and speak out when you see injustice and hate... and vote. Vote for the people you think can help make our society better and can help repair our world. And, when in doubt, be kind. 

Sending love to all.