Are you hosting an event you want to share widely? Add it here! It could be a Welcome Blanket Gathering, a march, rally or strike where you want to bring knitters together in resistance. Are you an official local brick-and-mortar or online ally and want to add an event?  You can add your event here, too!  For a list of out local allies, please check out our LOCATIONS page!

Note: Always be careful!

As with anything on the internet, always be careful. Choose to host or go to events in a public place or a place you trust. Bring a friend! Charge your phone! If something doesn't feel right, don't do it! This is a place where hosts can list their own events- we have not vetted them. We understand that different areas have different safety issues- we know that some groups may not be able to publicly list their events.  








If you are looking for some guidance, here is a little advice on how to host a gathering... (a more formal discussion guide coming soon!)

  • Spread the word to lots of people! You can use our invite tool to announce on a map. Attempt to have at least one person with a little experience with crochet/knitting/sewing.  
  • Decide whether it is a "bring your own" supplies or if you will have supplies on hand. You may have one person in your group do the shopping for everyone (Venmo is great for reimbursements). Let everyone know what the situation is!
  • Have some snacks and drinks. We recommend items that are easy to hold and not too messy. No sloppy joes!
  • Print out Welcome Note templates for everyone making a blanket.
  • Talk about the Welcome Notes: 
    1. What is your family's immigrant story?
    2. What is some advice you would like to give to someone who is new to the United States?
  • Make a time to get together again!