Welcome Blanket On Call

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Welcome Blanket is a crowd-sourced collective action of art and activism. By design, we connect with host institutions to display all of our Welcome Blankets and notes together. Then, we pack up these beautiful and heartfelt works and distribute them to refugee resettlement partners.

In this special case, we are in between hosts and one of our refugee resettlement partners came to us with an urgent ask: 1000 handmade blankets for asylum seekers who have just been released from detention.

While we will not have a physical gallery show for this special "on call" situation, we will be hosting one online. We need your help! Before sending your blanket, please take pictures we can share of your beautiful work. We will share your name, city and state (never your email or full address). If you would like your submission to be anonymous, please let us know so we can honor that choice.

Welcome Blanket sees this as an opportunity for those of us who have been rattled, infuriated, saddened by the way in which asylum seekers at our southern border have been treated. Welcome Blanket is heeding our partner’s call to action.


Show your love.

“These blankets provide a warm, handmade welcome to asylum seekers recently released from detention, who have been through so much already on their journey. The knowledge that someone cares enough to send handmade blankets makes a huge impact, especially when many families with children are released at bus stations or churches with few or no belongings. These blankets provide both comfort and warmth to what has been a difficult journey for many.” -Madelynn Paz, IRC’s Supply Chain Supervisor

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The premise is simple:

  1. Welcome our newest neighbors, even if they may be temporary neighbors.

  2. Support our partners in ways they need. Find ways to make a difference and keep up the amazing work. 

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