Welcome Note Templates

With your beautiful blanket, please include a welcome note. Anyone who contributed to the blanket is invited to welcome our new neighbor!

We will not publish your full physical or email addresses. Please make it easy for us to keep your information safe- write information you do not want shared publicly on the back of your note, or in a place that is easy to cover when we photograph your note to upload to the gallery. 

The information we will publish is:

Your Name (first, last or anonymous), Location (City, State, Country)
A story important to my family's immigration/migration/relocation:
Some words of welcome and advice about living in the US:

Yards used (estimate is fine!), Dimensions, Care Instructions

Please send your welcome blanket and note by April 25, 2019 to: 

International Rescue Committee/Welcome Blanket
c/o Madelynn Paz, Supply Chain Supervisor 
4425 West Olive Ave. #400
Glendale, AZ 85302 

Below are printable welcome note templates. Feel free to use one of these, or make your own.


Here is a full page version of the note to print and a link to a PDF form, if it is easier for you to type.