The Welcome Blanket Project aims to connect people already living in the United States residents with our country’s new immigrants through stories and handmade blankets, providing both symbolic and literal comfort and warmth. At the same time, the project offers a positive, hands-on way to understand the scope of a 2000-mile border wall and to subvert it from an idea of exclusion to one of inclusion. By participating in this project, people will also come together to talk about immigration policy and how it affects real-live people.

All are welcome to get involved in positive, pro-active art-making.

Who is involved?


Jayna Zweiman: Founder/Artist

Jayna is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist and designer. Zweiman’s independent practice combines architecture, art and new media to focus on experiences that overlap physical, virtual and conceptual spaces. She a co-creator and co-founder of Pussyhat Project, an international network and movement of women’s rights supporters. The project was highly visible at the 2017 Women’s Marches with one of the largest crowd-sourced art advocacy projects ever. She is creator and founder of Welcome Blanket, a reconceptualization of the 2000-mile length of the proposed border wall as 2000-mile length of yarn to make individual welcome blankets for new immigrants coming to the United States. She received her AB from Brown University in visual arts and economics and her Masters in Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. She lives and works in Los Angeles and is the proud grandchild of immigrants.

Hadassah Margolis: COO
Kat Coyle: Designer of "Come Together Blanket"
Abira Ali: Artist
Andrea Miller: Packaging Design and Branding

Hayley Helmreich: Tutorial Production
Liz Leong: Media Relations
Ingrid Wilcox: Social Media and Editor and Operations
Sydney Walters: Social Media
Betsy Heafitz: Consulting Editor
Stefanie Kamerman: Operations
Ivy Krysiak: Marketing Consultant 

There have been thousands of people who have contributed to the crafting of Welcome Blanket. We would like to extend a gigantic thanks to: 

Alison Gass, the Dana Feitler Director of the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago

The entire Welcome Blanket team at the Smart Museum, especially: 
Michael Christiano, John Harness, C.J. Lind, Dorian Nash, and Josephine McEntee

and Laura Flusche Executive Director of MODA, Janelle Miniter and Nicole Meyers.

and Beth McLaughlin, Curator at Fuller Craft

Additional Consultants:
Naomi Steinberg, former Director of Refugee Council USA

From our instagram page: @welcomeblanket: